Price Comparison

The Benefit of an Accurate Price Comparison

Everyone who has ever been unwell or injured knows that medical care can be expensive.  This is the main reason for the existence of medical aids: companies that cover the costs of medical treatment for you.  Unfortunately, most medical aids do not extend their coverage to elective procedures such as fertility treatments and cosmetic surgery, leaving many people unable to afford such treatments on their own.

While the above is a typical case for people living in many parts of the first world (where the cost of medical care is particularly high), this does not mean that such treatments are unattainable.  In fact, many countries around the world offer high-quality medical treatments at prices well below the standard found in America, Europe, and Australia (to name a few).  South Africa is one country that offers affordable, reliable medical care at a fraction of overseas prices.  It is for this reason, along with the first-class doctors and facilities, and the many tourist attractions that the country has to offer, that South Africa (and particularly Cape Town) has become a go-to destination for medical tourism.

For the price of the same treatment at home, many people from all over the world have chosen to visit South Africa for a medical procedure, enjoying the experience of a beautiful foreign country while also receiving medical care that is on par with the best available worldwide.  Cape Town is an obvious choice for those looking to combine holiday and health, and at a fraction of the price elsewhere in the world. Take a quick look below at the average price comparison for popular treatments to see just how true this is.

Price Comparison for Treatments Around the World

 South AfricaUSAUKAustralia
Egg Donation$7550$10000$8550payment illegal
In Vitro Fertilisation$3900$12400$7500$7000
Egg Freezing$2750$7500$4250$7750
Intrauterine Insemination$400$900$1200$1700
Breastlift / Reduction$4100$4500$8900$4650
Botox Treatments$100$400$500$450