Our hearing is one of the most precious resources that we as humans have. It allows us to connect with one another, to share experiences, and colour our world. When one’s hearing begins to change, it is vital to assess and manage it as early as possible in order to prevent loss of quality of life. Many people include hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting as part of their travel to South Africa due to the professional and highly skilled service providers and the relatively inexpensive prices of audiological services and hearing aids.
Audiology consultations will always begin with a comprehensive hearing assessment. Following this, recommendations will be made regarding managing the hearing. If hearing aids are recommended, a technology package will be designed based on individual hearing, needs, lifestyle and physical anatomy. The typical pricing of the recommended hearing aids may range as follows:

For a moderately active person with a straightforward hearing loss who chooses to socialise only one on one or in small groups:
Mid Range Technology :                R17 000 (US $1 250/ UK £1 030) per ear

For a busy and social person who spends a lot of time in dynamic listening environments such as meetings, restaurants, theatres, or cocktail parties, or for a person with a complex hearing loss:
Top of the Range Technology:            R 35 000 (US $2 590/ UK £2 120) per ear
In most cases two hearing aids are recommended due to the many benefits of binaural hearing and the typical nature of symmetrical losses.

These prices are highly competitive compared to prices for the same hearing aids overseas. The average prices for these technology levels in the USA and UK are as follows:
Mid Range Technology:            USA: $ 2 800 per ear            UK: £ 2 295 per ear
Top of the Range Technology        USA: $ 4 600 per ear            UK: £ 3 000 per ear
Our Audiologists supply all of the top international hearing aid brands, including Sivantos (Siemens), Oticon, Widex, Unitron and Beltone, and in a wide variety of styles including In-the-Ear, Behind-the-Ear and Receiver-in-the-Canal. Packages are designed with the individual in mind after direct one on one consultation and full diagnostic hearing assessment, and home location of the individual is always considered to ensure that any maintenance can be provided on return home. It is recommended that anyone travelling to South Africa for hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting remain in the area for at least three weeks in order to allow for ordering and fitting of the instruments, as well as at least one or two follow up appointment.  These appointments are not charged for and we give our utmost attention to ensure that by the time you are ready to go home, your hearing is sorted!
Have your hearing assessed and hearing aids fitted in South Africa to receive world-class service and technology at a fraction of the cost, and experience all the wonderful sounds of this beautiful country as you enjoy a relaxing medical holiday.