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Article – Why the sick Fly home

As a winter flu epidemic slows Br it a i n ’s overburdened National Health Service (NHS) to a crawl, SA expats in the country are making special trips back home


Article – Surgery Safaris

If you have got hard currency, you can afford to come to Africa to look good or feel better for less.


Article – Mechanical hearts ass to SA’s beat

Mechanical heart implants are likely to replace donor heart transplants in the next 10 to 15 years, according to cardiac and transplant surgeon at Netcare, Willie Koen.


Video – The cost of looking good


There is increased pressure on consumers worldwide to look good but the costs are also taxing and in the current economic climate where are some of the places to look good for less? Faith Cartwright, Founder & Director, Medical Tourism S.A joins CNBC Africa for more.


Article – Medical tourism’s valuable service