Cosmetic Genital Surgery

Cosmetic Genital Surgery, also known as aesthetic or female genital surgery, or vaginal rejuvenation, is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery option worldwide due to its positive effects. This type of treatment can include a range of different procedures depending on each specific case and the desired outcome. Thousands of women choose cosmetic genital surgery each year to address problems of a physical nature as well as to enhance self-esteem and confidence.

In general, cosmetic genital surgery usually involves a combination of vaginoplasty: a surgical procedure to tighten the vagina, as well as labiaplasty or vulvaplasty: procedures that aim to reshape the vulva or labia (the outer and inner lips of the vagina respectively). These procedures are particularly popular among women who have experienced changes due to childbirth, significant weight loss, aging or injury.

There are many reasons to consider having cosmetic genital surgery, or why this option might be recommended by a doctor. These include:
A change in the contours of your vaginal structures (such as stretching)
Pain as a result of sexual activity, or other activities such as riding on a bicycle or on horseback
Reduced sensation during sexual intercourse, particularly as a result of multiple vaginal births

Many options are available as part of the overall cosmetic genital surgery procedure. The most commonly used one in the modern medical field involves the use of lasers to perform delicate incisions and reshaping that is as non-invasive as possible. The laser functions in a very similar way to the traditional scalpel, but allows for far greater precision, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing result, as well as reduced bleeding. As part of the procedure, any excess tissue will be removed and all incisions will be sutured.

In the case of a labiaplasty, the surgeon will first consult with the patient regarding the contours of the labia and vulva that are desired. Prior to the operation, these are then are outlined with a surgical marker. In most modern procedures, a laser is again used to remove tissue that falls outside the desired contour. Skin staples are then put into place to bring the edges of the labia into alignment, following which absorbable sutures are used to replace these.

While these procedure is most often conducted under general or intravenous anesthesia, due to the sensitivity of the area, some pain is to be expected following the operation. Surgeons generally prescribe a powerful painkiller (often a pudendal block), which provides up to twenty-four hours of pain relief, to address this issue.

Cosmetic surgery procedures like those involved in cosmetic genital surger can be quite expensive in many parts of the world, but Cape Town, South Africa offers some of the cheapest rates worldwide. This affordability, along with first-rate doctors, modern, reliable facilities, and a range of unrivalled tourist attractions, make Cape Town a number one destination for medical tourism. Medical Tourism SA is on hand to facilitate all aspects of your visit to the city, and to ensuring that your procedure is as comfortable and successful as possible.

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