Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery

In today’s world, many people have a high regard for outward appearance, and are particularly concerned about the way they appear to others. Aesthetics and beauty are important considerations in the modern world, and are inextricably linked to self-esteem, confidence, and even success. Little wonder, then, that cosmetic surgery is becoming in increasingly popular choice for people who are unsatisfied with their physical appearance and want to make a change.

Many thousands of people make use of an ever-growing variety of cosmetic surgery procedures each year to target various areas of their bodies that they wish to improve, and, with the advance of technology and surgical skill, the majority is well satisfied with the results, as well as the positive impact that these procedures can have on their lives.

Although the terms ‘plastic surgery’ and ‘cosmetic surgery’ are often used interchangeable, an important distinction to make in the realm of plastic surgery is that between fully cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery and reconstructive surgery. In the case of the former, cosmetic surgery is used voluntarily to improve an aspect of one’s physical appearance that is deemed unsatisfactory.

On the other hand, reconstructive surgery, while often incorporating various aspects of cosmetic surgery, is focused on repairing damage or improving the functionality, as well as the aesthetic appearance, of various parts of the body. This distinction is particularly important for insurance purposes, as many insurance providers may cover the essential or non-elective procedures involved in reconstructive surgery, but may not extend this coverage to elective procedures that make up cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery can take many forms, from liposuction to remove fat to procedures such as the tummy tuck that tighten skin and improve general appearance by reshaping the contour of the body. Their effects, however, often run deeper into the realm of self-image. For many people, a negative self-image can be highly restricting, limiting the way in which they engage in their romantic, social, and professional endeavours due to a lack of self-confidence. Psychology has also shown that people respond more favourably to people with a more attractive appearance. Cosmetic surgery can therefore be more than just vanity – it can be the means to improve one’s life in many different areas.

Of course, it’s important to have realistic expectations where cosmetic surgery procedures are concerned. Too many potential recipients of cosmetic surgery go into the consulting room expecting that they can be made to look twenty or thirty years younger with the wave of a magic wand, when the reality is that there are no absolute guarantees. While a skilled surgeon can work wonders, it’s important to remember that there are limits, and that the field of cosmetic surgery is as much as art as it is a science.

While many cosmetic procedures in different parts of the world can all but break the bank, the medical care available in Cape Town, South Africa is not only some of the cheapest worldwide, but boasts some of the best quality in terms of doctors and facilities. In addition, the many varied tourist attractions offered by South Africa as a whole make Cape Town the ideal destination for a medical holiday. Medical Tourism SA takes pride in facilitating a successful and rejuvenating visit to the country that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, and looking it too.

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