Gynaecomastia Surgery

While the majority of recipients of cosmetic surgery are female, a large proportion of men opt for cosmetic procedures as well due to factors that are beyond their control. Perhaps one of the most distressing and detrimental male conditions for which cosmetic surgery is often recommended is that of having male breasts that are excessively large. This condition can lead to severe issues with self-confidence and a lack of comfort and satisfaction with one’s appearance. Fortunately, gynaecomastia surgery procedures, which aim to address this issue in men have become some of the most successful and popular in the world of cosmetic surgery today.

The main goal of gynaecomastia surgery is of course to reduce the size of breasts in men who suffer from embarrassed as a result of having overly large breasts. This condition might come about due to a variety of factors, including genetics, obesity, illness, or an imbalance in the body. Fortunately, many reduction methods are available, including liposuction, excision (the cutting out of excess fat and other tissue), or often a combination of both liposuction and excision. The correct combination of these procedures can drastically improve the appearance of large male breasts and alleviate any embarrassment they may cause.

Some good reasons to opt for gynaecomastia surgery might include the following:

  • You feel reluctant to remove your shirt in view of others, restricting you from activities such as swimming, participating in sports, or exercising at the gym
  • You are dissatisfied with the appearance of your body and want to improve or augment its overall proportions.
  • The size of your breasts does not decrease even with exercise and/or dieting
    Your breasts cause you a significant degree of physical discomfort
  • The size of your breasts causes you considerable psychological discomfort
    You want to increase your self-confidence across a wide variety of physical and social situations
  • The choice of surgical technique will depend on on a number of factors, the most important of which is arguably the likelihood of skin shrinkage following the procedure, which may detract from the aesthetic appearance or cause physical discomfort. Most surgeons will take great care to avoid this problem by choosing the correct techniques accordingly.

    The most common technique is known as an intra-areolar incision. Using this technique, an incision is made along the circumference of the bottom half of the areola, through which underlying tissue can be removed. In severe gynaecomastia, further, more invasive removal of skin and tissue may be required to adequately treat the problem. More recently, however, minimally invasive procedures have become the norm that make use of very small incisions in patients that are likely to show a good response to this kind of treatment. Ultrasonic liposuction is another modern technique that is used more frequently in patients where fat reduction is the main focus of the procedure. For many patients, however, liposuction is insufficient due to the presence of denser glandular tissue that must be removed by means of excision.

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