Excess fat is one of the main issues targeted by a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures, many of which rely upon liposuction as part of the overall process. Also known as lipoplasty or body contouring surgery, liposuction has become an indispensable part of the modern cosmetic surgeons repertoire of techniques, and is instrumental in restoring self-confidence and natural beauty to thousands of patients throughout the world each year. As such a popular treatment, liposuction procedures have been refined and improved to the point where they can be carried out with minimal invasiveness and scarring.

At its core, liposuction surgery aims to resculpt the body, removing unwanted deposits of fat that are resistant to dieting and exercise from areas such as the buttocks, hips, waist, thighs, calves, ankles, breasts, back, arms, and neck. Often used in conjunction with other procedures, liposuction is one of the safest of all cosmetic surgery procedures, while also boasting one of the highest success rates of all.

A wide variety of factors might lead an individual to opt for liposuction as part of their overall cosmetic surgery, or might lead a surgeon to recommend it. These might include some of the following:
Localised areas of fat that detract from the natural contour of the body, or make it look out of proportion in certain areas
A lack of definition in certain areas of the body due to unwanted fat deposits
Good skin elasticity, but an excess of fat (it is important to bear in mind that liposuction does not improve skin elasticity)
A feeling that clothes do not fit properly due to disproportionate fat deposits in key areas of the body
A lack of self-confidence in your appearance due to what you perceive as unsightly fat

While technically an invasive procedure, liposuction techniques have advanced to the point at which they can be performed with almost no visible scarring. Typically, a small incision is made at the site of the fat deposit being targeted, through which a small, thin tube (known as a cannula) is inserted. Through this tube, the surgeon can target and suck out fat deposits using a vacuum, with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue. Most liposuction procedures are performed under local or general anaesthesia, while some utilise chemical reagents, ultrasound, moving tips, or lasers to assist with loosening and removal of the fat deposits

In today’s market, liposuction has become increasingly affordable, while the recovery time can be lessened to a general maximum of around two weeks. The pain resulting from the procedure can also be kept to an absolute minimum, making this one of the most attractive cosmetic procedures on offer.

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