Egg Donation through Medical Tourism SA in Cape Town

Being unable to conceive a child can be a disheartening and depressing situation for people who are trying to have children. Fortunately, a range of different treatments exist that can remedy some of the most common problems relating to infertility, and many have encouragingly high success rates across the board.

Where such treatments fail, however, certain other options are open to prospective parents. One of the simplest and most popular opportunities for parents in such situations to have the full experience of having a child is to make use of an egg donation program.

South Africa is a popular country for many different medical tourism needs, including fertility treatments such as egg donation. The legal and practical aspects of obtaining donated eggs in South Africa is relatively simple and very reliable compared to other parts of the world, adding to this popularity.

In South Africa, egg donors can be sourced privately or through egg donation agencies. Most reputable fertility treatment clinics (including those with whom Medical Tourism SA is partnered) choose to work only with agencies that are accredited with the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy (SASREG). While South African law requires that the identities of both egg and sperm donors remain anonymous, important details about the donors, such as age, race, occupation, medical history, and so forth, can be obtained to allow the prospective mother to select the donor of their choice.

In addition to the above, world-class clinics available in South Africa provide services of an international standard, while waiting times for an appointment at most of these clinics are almost non-existent. For prospective parents who have been waiting for a long time to have a child, eliminating any further waiting can make all the difference.

Cape Town is one of the top medical tourism destinations worldwide, and fertility treatments such as egg donation are particularly popular in the country due to their comparatively low cost, the high standard of medical care, and all the other attractions that the country has to offer. Medical Tourism SA is partnered with a number of clinics, including Cape Fertility Clinic, to ensure that your procedure results in a successful pregnancy.

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