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Here is a woman’s first-hand review of her experience as an egg donor in Cape Town using Cape Fertility Clinic and Medical Tourism SA. Thanks Jenny for this great review.

On the 17th of February I had to fly to Cape Town. This is when I met Faith from Medical Tourism. Faith fetched me from the airport and took me for my appointment at Cape Fertility Clinic for my bloods and scan as well as seeing a counselor. I also had a chat to the doctors who explained the whole process to me and answered all my question I had. I felt comfortable and at ease. Faith really made me feel so comfortable. After I was done with all my appointments, she dropped me at the airport. She was amazing.
On the 24th of April I flew to Cape Town for the remainder of the egg donation cycle. Medical tourism fetched me from the airport and took me to the guesthouse. I then met Faith again who gave me a tour around the guest house in which I was going to stay.
My experience in Cape Town was amazing. I got to meet people from different places and other countries. I made new friends we went out together to explore Cape Town and to do shopping.
Cape Town is such a beautiful place. It’s relaxed and chilled. The people are so friendly. I have been to to see the nightlife in Cape Town with friends and family. It was such an amazing experience, it’s something you do not see everyday, well at least not here in Johannesburg. Friends took me to see the Waterfront which is amazing as well as Sea Point. These are very beautiful places, I felt as if I was in a different part of the world. What was even more amazing, I went to Camps Bay, oh my word! I was amazed, it was like heaven on earth.
There was a time when I felt home sick missing my family. It was just one of those days and moods. But Jenny from baby2mom made my mood change and brought a smile to my face and made me feel better by sending me beautiful flowers.
On the 4 May I had my egg retrieval. I was a bit scared, but the doctors and nurses made me feel very comfortable and took good care of me. I was in the best-hands.
After the procedure was done, the nurses and doctors came to see if I was fine and if I needed anything. I felt so special at that moment.
When I felt I was well and that I was not feeling dizzy and sleepy, I walked to get Faith from Medical Tourism, she was waiting for me. She made sure I was fine and good to go home. She was right by my side.
Then something amazing and wonderful happened… The couple that choose me left me the most amazing gift that anyone ever gave to me. It was 3 beautiful recipe books and a card. That made me feel so special, it left me speechless. It gave me more inspiration. That for me was more then enough and till today I am so happy and excited about my books that I started using and trying out. I really appreciate it.

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