Spa treatments

While the priority for most people who choose to go on a medical holiday is naturally the medical procedure itself, it’s important not to neglect the holiday part as well! The best kind of medical holiday is that in which you can meet your medical needs as well as indulging in a range of different leisure activities. A good balance between the two will ensure that you leave your destination of choice feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, which in turn will lead to a speedier recovery and a better outcome for your overall procedure.

Cape Town, South Africa and its surrounding areas are a chosen destination for medical travels for many reasons. In addition to the comparatively low cost and high quality of medical treatment, the country offers immense natural beauty and a wide variety of different tourist attractions to suit people from all walks of life. It is for this reason that thousands of medical tourists flock to South Africa each year, and leave fully satisfied.

An indulgent stay at one of the Cape regions many luxurious and scenic spas is a proven favourite of tourists (both medical and otherwise), and can offer one of the best opportunities to enjoy the fine weather and idyllic countryside that the region has to offer, whilst also being pampered with every affordable luxury. The health benefits of a good spa treatment also factor into the medical holiday experience very well indeed, enhancing the benefits of many different procedures.

There are a number of different spas to choose from in and around Cape Town, each with its own available packages and treatment options. A popular choice for those looking to get just a taste of the spa experience is to charter a helicopter ride to the spa of your choice, indulge in a one-hour treatment and cocktails for two, all of which can be had at around $380. Alternatively, spend a day at one of the many spas in the beautiful Cape Winelands, famous for their historic charm and natural beauty.

Whatever your choice, Medical Tourism SA is on hand to arrange and attend to your every need whilst visiting South Africa, and is committed to ensuring that your medical holiday is an enjoyable and successful one.