Breast Reduction Surgery

Overly large breasts are a problem experienced by a significant proportion of women around the world, and can cause significant discomfort as well as long-term damage (especially to the back and core muscles). The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the overall size of a woman’s breasts, reshaping them so that they in proportion with the rest of the body and no longer cause any physical discomfort.

Breast reduction procedures are fairly common in the world of cosmetic surgery today, and have been refined to a level where pain and scarring can be kept to an absolute minimum. They are also fairly predictable procedures with high success rates. Furthermore, the surgery has the beneficial effects of improving aesthetic appearance while also relieving the negative effects of being burdened with overly large breasts.

There are a number of reasons to consider breast reduction surgery as a good option:
Breasts that are too large for your figure or frame, and cause pain in the neck, back, or shoulders
Breasts that are noticeably heavy, with nipples and areolas (the circle of skin that surrounds the nipples) that point towards the ground instead of straight ahead
Breasts that are uneven in size (one larger than the other)
Feeling self-conscious or unhappy about the size or appearance of your breasts

Breast reduction surgery procedures usually last for between three and five hours, and can be performed in any hospital or clinic equipped with a standard operating theatre. The procedure is most often conducted under general anesthesia, and is therefore quite painless. Intravenous or ‘twilight’ sedation may be used in some cases. An overnight stay is not usually required, and recovery time is generally short.

The surgery itself usually involves three main incisions. The first is used to remove excess tissue, skin, and fat (often by means of liposuction), following which the nipple and areola are often moved to a higher position on the breasts. The areolas may also be made smaller. The skin above the nipple can also be brought together and moved further down to give the breast a new shape.

Many methods are used to minimize the scarring caused by breast reduction surgery. Some incision lines can be concealed in the natural contours of the breast, while others may be visible. Although these lines are permanent, they will most often fade significantly given time. Most surgeons make a serious effort to minimize scars as much as possible to enhance the aesthetic success of the procedure.

While many cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast reduction surgery, can come at quite a high price in many parts of the world, Cape Town, South Africa offers some of the cheapest rates for these and many other medical procedures. The affordability of these procedures, along with world class doctors, facilities, and care available, and the many other attractions that Cape Town has to offer, make it an ideal destination for medical tourism. Medical Tourism SA is on hand to facilitate your medical holiday to Cape Town, and is there to assist every step of the way.

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