Blastocyst Embryo Transfer

The process of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedures can be complex, and needs to be customised to suit each individual patient depending on the many factors that may influence her chances of a successful pregnancy by this method.  One of the additional procedures that may be required as part of the IVF process is that of blastocyst embryo transfer.  This procedure has become a highly popular addition to the IVF process due to the increases that have been noted in rates of successful pregnancy as a result (around 45% with blastocyst embryo transfer, compared to around 27% when this process is not included in the overall IVF procedure).

Blastocyst embryo transfer involves the implantation of a fertilised egg into a recipient’s womb after a period of five to six days following fertilisation, instead of the usual two- to three-day period that is most often used in standard IVF procedures.  This longer waiting period allows for the fertilised egg to take in a special culture fluid that increases the chances of its development into a ball of around 120 cells known as a blastocyst (the first stage of embryo development).  Once this development is stable, implantation into the womb is recommended for the highest chance of successful pregnancy.

A fertilised egg can develop multiple blastocysts (as in the case of twins).  In this event, the prospective mother can choose the number of embryos she wishes to carry.  Successfully formed blastocysts can also be frozen for use at a later date, using the same IVF process.

Most Cape Town-based fertility clinics utilise state-of-the-art procedures and cutting-edge technology, including blastocyst embryo transfer, as part of their in vitro fertilisation treatments.  Medical Tourism SA is proud to be partnered with some of the best fertility clinics in the country to ensure that your fertility treatment (and your medical holiday in general) is a happy and successful one.

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