Hiring a translator

Travelling to another country is almost always an exciting prospect, whether for business, leisure, or medical reasons. However, the journey is not without its difficulties, as every country is different. It may take some time to acclimatise and learn the local customs. And of course, the language barrier can be one of the most complicated problems to deal with when travelling, particularly in a country like South Africa, where eleven official languages are spoken!

Being able to communicate properly in the country that you are visiting is essential to having a pleasant and successful journey. Unfortunately for most people, learning a new language is a time-consuming and difficult process, and is most often impractical for the purpose of a holiday to a foreign country. This is where translators come in, and why they provide an essential service to travellers worldwide. It is for this reason that Medical Tourism SA has made it a priority to partner with only the best and most qualified translators in a range of different languages in order to facilitate a comfortable and hassle-free medical holiday for our clients.

Cape Town is visited every year by tourists from all over the globe, so it is important to make sure that all these people are able to communicate on their arrival, regardless of their home country and mother tongue. We offer translators in Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, as well as many other world languages. Some of our translators are even equipped with additional skills – our Portuguese translator, for example, is a qualified midwife who is able to assist with live births as well as a range of other medical needs.

Having a personal translator by your side as you visit Cape Town, and South Africa at large, can be an invaluable resource for the first-time visitor to the country, and not having to worry about communication issues can go a long way towards improving your experience. While rates are determined based on the necessary requirements, hiring a translator during your stay (should you require one) is an investment we highly recommend, and one that we and our clients believe can make all the difference.