Hiring a nurse for your recovery

The focus of most medical holidays is, naturally, the procedure itself, as this is the primary reason for making the visit. Leisure and tourist activities also form an important part of the journey, either before or after the medical procedure, to add enjoyment and adventure to the experience. However, when considering or planning a medical holiday, one aspect of the entire journey is often overlooked: the recovery.

Particularly if invasive procedures or surgery is involved, patients may not be able to get back up on their feet immediately, and may require assistance while they recover from their medical procedure. Rather than needing a travelling partner to do this for you, nurses can be an invaluable aid to the recovery process, and form a part of the medical procedure that should by no means be forgotten.

The majority of treatments involved in medical holidays are voluntary cosmetic ones. Due to the necessity of surgery as part of many of these procedures, post-operative care is vitally important. Understanding this, we at Medical Tourism SA have endeavoured to partner with only the best and most highly qualified nurses to provide our clients with the finest care available. Our nurses are on call at all times, and are able to make daily house calls to change dressings and assist with any other post-operative issue that you may encounter. A caring bedside manner and attention to detail is, of course, guaranteed.

The period of time between the operation and the next consultation with your doctor can be a difficult one as you recover from surgery, and, while doctors are generally not available to attend to your every need at all times, nurses specialise in doing just that. Knowing that you have a nurse on call (even if you do not require any serious assistance) can go a long way towards giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your recovery is a stress-free one. This in turn can help to shorten your recovery time altogether, making it easier for you to get back to full strength and enjoy your visit to Cape Town and South Africa at large to the fullest.