Medical Tourism in South Africa

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular worldwide, but is often cost-prohibitive due to the high price of medical treatment.  This has led to a growing medical tourism market worldwide, with Cape Town, South Africa emerging as a popular destination due to the availability of affordable treatments, modern facilities, highly-trained doctors, and the opportunity to relax and recuperate in an exotic location away from prying eyes.

Plastic or cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular every day for both women and men. From rhinoplasty to breast augmentation and from liposuction to facelifts, plastic surgery seems to be more of a norm nowadays than anything else. The concept of using cosmetic surgery to enhance the way one looks is becoming increasingly accepted in society, especially for women.

There are problems that arise when someone is considering cosmetic surgery. The biggest one is cost. Cosmetic surgery is extremely expensive and is rarely, if ever covered by health insurance. It is quite common for people to max out their credit cards on procedures that they believe will enhance their lives. Another problem is the embarrassment factor. As much as society has changed and accepts the concept of cosmetic surgery, people still get very embarrassed about getting “work done.” These are problems that can be solved by simply going on vacation!

If cosmetic surgery is in your near future, consider traveling to South Africa for the procedure. South Africa has been a leader in the medicine community since the first human heart transplant was performed in Cape Town in 1967 and today the high standard of cosmetic surgery in South Africa is world renowned. South Africa offers modern, private cosmetic surgery clinics with access to the latest technology and treatments as well as notoriously distinguished surgeons. In addition to the great facilities and care, South Africa’s favorable exchange rates are another attraction to medical tourists seeking out plastic surgery and a vacation all at the same time.

Many Americans are taking advantage of everything South Africa has to offer in the plastic surgery world. They leave for an exotic vacation, have the surgery, relax and recover, and return home a completely new, rejuvenated person. It really is the perfect solution for people who are either embarrassed about having surgery or simply cannot afford it.

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